Friday, August 5, 2011

Breaking news - Shibasquatch again spotted

San Francisco CA - Breaking news! An off-leash Shiba Inu was spotted today on the beaches of Ft. Funston. This phenomen, knows as a "Shibasquatch" is very rare. Our ace reporter and photographer was on site and captured the following images of this rare event. WE BELIEVE!
Run Zuko, Run!
Is that a Shibasquatch? 

How far will he run?
How far will he run without a leash to contain him?

We managed to catch the Shibasquatch investigating his surroundings. Shhh....don't scare him!

Happy, sandy dog
Close encounter of the Shibasquatch kind!!

--- Posted by Prince Zuko's Ace Reporter ;-)


  1. That is one happy-looking shibasquatch! M.

  2. Hi Kaiju - yeah, that last pic the Shibasquatch looks like he has been digging in the sand from the sandy paws and nose. Not that I know this for SURE ...

  3. Shibasquatch left lots of footprints ;)

  4. Oh - those were doggie footprints! Not mine, err.....I mean, not Shibasquatch. ;-)

  5. Good going Zuko! I knew it ran in the family ^_^

  6. That is one happy looking Shibasquatch, the first picture was especially breath taking!