Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Shibasquatch sighting!!

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA - At Water Dog Lake park this weekend, a streaking Shibasquatch was seen off-leash at the lake. Only one image was captured of this amazing event. Sadly, our ace photograph did not get a good print of the Shibasquatch willingly getting into the water and getting his feet wet.

This black and white infrared image does a good job of showing the Shibasquatch, even though he is a bit far away.

Run Shibasquatch!

Stay tuned for further developments!

-- Posted by the Chief Shibasquatch Liaison.


  1. Wow! What an amazing photo! In black & white, it has this other worldly quality--the trees & foliage on the other side look almost like a glacier with the lake as a cave opening or a strange cloud formation (or maybe I need new glasses!). Just let it blur a little and it is truly a vision complete with (happy) Squatch! M.

  2. Thanks M! Zuko's dad does a lot of infrared photography and the effect is amazing. Zuko turns white in most photos! :-)

  3. The photography is amazing! Is that digital or film?
    Shibasquatch, I love it. I seem to have one of those too XD

  4. Losech - This is a digital camera with the infrared filter removed. Digital will see infrared, so they place filters in to stop it. My hubby knows more, that is all I have on it. :-)