Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Shibamas!

Wow - I gotz so many goodies from my Secret Shiba @BlueLeath, @shiba_rinji and Mika!

Here are some photos:

I smell goodness in here...

Tie die! Now I can be like the other hippies in San Francisco!

This needs noms added it it later...

Like maybe CHEEZE snacks!! Yeah! It iz like they knew me or somefing.

Is that a cactus? Tastes yummy!
Yeah! Mom, time to get baking for me!
What an awesome box of gifts! This is the best ever - me and my pack wuv all the Twibas and the Secret Shibas all over! Woof!

-- Merry Shibamas from Zuko!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Me and Dad are crafty ...

Twas the week before Shibamas....

And dad and I were sneaky. We put a gift into this tiny little box for mom:

It's so little! 

And then we hung it on the tree:

Hey dad, let me help you with that. 

It took her at least a day to figure it out. This morning while we were all eating blueberry pancakes, she looked over at the tree and said: "Hey, that wasn't there before...."

Just hanging there, disguised as a tree ornament

Hee-hee. We are sneaky!

-- Happy Shibamas from Zuko and family!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa Paws - 

I haz been a very good dog this year. As you might remember from the above picture, I was very scared of you but I was a good boy and let you have your picture taken with me. I submit this as proof I iz a good dog!

If you need additional proof, I submit this picture: 

I allowed my hooman to put a Santa hat on me and didn't bite a single thing. Again, proof I iz a good dog! 

This year I request the following prezents:
  1. Cheese. I would actually like a dairy farm that produces cheese, but my hoomans have told me I would not have any place to put this. *huff*
  2. More bouncy balls. I keep losing them somehow. 
  3. A new collar. Preferably one I canz escape from. 
  4. A kitty brofur. 
I think that iz all for now. Oh - my hoomans could use some stuff for the howse so if you get a letter from them, pleaze do give it the same V.I.P priority level I iz sure my letter is getting. 

Sincerely - 
Prince Zuko (a.k.a "Good Dog")

I iz waiting for my prezents!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shibasquatch: I Believe

Much like Fox Mulder, I want to believe in something many think is only a myth. The off-leash Shiba being (mostly) good. Many non-believers equate a sighting of such a Shiba as a myth, similar to the Sasquatch stories. Hence "Shibasquatch".

I have video proof that Zuko can do this given the proper requirements:

  • I have cheese in my pocket
  • We are on a beach where one escape route is blocked by his nemesis: water. 
Do YOU believe?

-- I Believe