Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Day in the Life of Prince Zuko

  1. Get up. Stretch. Scratch at mom and dad. If they refuse to get up, play the "puppy jumps on the bed, puppy jumps off the bed" game. 
  2. FINALLY get breakfast. Snarf it down quick!
  3. Go outside to potty. 
  4. If it is a doggie daycare day, refuse to get in the car and make dad pick you up. Then beat up other dogs at doggie daycare. 
  5. If it is not doggie daycare day, bite at mommy's ankles until she takes you for a walk or plays bouncy ball with you. 
  6. Take over the couch and commence massive shedding. 
  7. If it is sunny outside, stare at mom until she opens back door so you can bake on the bricks. Come inside, cool off, drink water and commence baking again. 
  8. Everyone is home! Make them chase you. Dad throws the bouncy ball while mom attempts to cook dinner while you are running under her feet. 
  9. Stare at humans to give you dinner and cheese. 
  10. Stare at humans who are eating their dinner. If they do not share, stare harder. 
  11. When mommy starts cleaning the kitchen, that is your clue to go bug dad for a walk. 
  12. Lose your mind and get zoomies, attacking the pillows and linens on the bed. 
  13. Pass out in the center of the big bed and make the humans work around you so they have a tiny sliver of bed and a scrap of covers. 
--- Posted by Zuko's mom

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Shibasquatch sighting!!

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA - At Water Dog Lake park this weekend, a streaking Shibasquatch was seen off-leash at the lake. Only one image was captured of this amazing event. Sadly, our ace photograph did not get a good print of the Shibasquatch willingly getting into the water and getting his feet wet.

This black and white infrared image does a good job of showing the Shibasquatch, even though he is a bit far away.

Run Shibasquatch!

Stay tuned for further developments!

-- Posted by the Chief Shibasquatch Liaison.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wedding Bells

Zuko attended his first wedding today! Our friends had an outdoor wedding and being proud parents of two chihuahuas, of course they made it a dog-friendly event. 

Bluebell and Cinnamon's pawrents got married today! 

Zuko was brushed and spritzed and put on his best attire for the event. 

Prince Zuko

Another wedding guest - she barked at Zuko, he snarled

Hoping for cheeze

Zuko was much admired - the bride had many Japanese friends and family attending and for once, just about everyone knew he is a Shiba Inu. 

Cinnamon and Bluebell arrived late, dressed in pink tutus. Bluebell and Zuko sniffed, but the other chihuahuas were either terrified of him or barked at him. The little lady in the photos above tried very hard to impress Zuko that she was badass! Later, she did sniff him and let him get close to her. For about three seconds. ;-)

I was a proud mommy - he did well, didn't pee on anything he shouldn't have, didn't try to snack on the little dogs and even let some people pet him. 

-- Posted by Prince Zuko's mom

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flashback - Zuko as a wee pup

Five weeks old and already showing attitude 
Sleepy. Hard work charming me to pick him!

First weekend home. Fearless. 

Loofa dog is bigger than Zuko pup.

--- Posted by Prince Zuko's mommy

Friday, August 5, 2011

Breaking news - Shibasquatch again spotted

San Francisco CA - Breaking news! An off-leash Shiba Inu was spotted today on the beaches of Ft. Funston. This phenomen, knows as a "Shibasquatch" is very rare. Our ace reporter and photographer was on site and captured the following images of this rare event. WE BELIEVE!
Run Zuko, Run!
Is that a Shibasquatch? 

How far will he run?
How far will he run without a leash to contain him?

We managed to catch the Shibasquatch investigating his surroundings. Shhh....don't scare him!

Happy, sandy dog
Close encounter of the Shibasquatch kind!!

--- Posted by Prince Zuko's Ace Reporter ;-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I iz Fierce

I finally killed it. The big duck squeaky toy.

I killz the duck
Nom nom nom

I killz the duck
Anything good left in there?

The aftermath
The aftermath

-- Posted by Fierce Hunter Prince Zuko. Don't mess wif me!