Saturday, September 4, 2010

FUN at Ft. Funston!

Last weekend my people took me to Ft. Funston - best dog beach ever! First, you have to get to the beach which is so much fun 'cause the beach is waaaaaaay down there:

Look how tiny the people are down there!
But it is totally worth the wait - look how far the beach goes on (and on) - and this is just one part of it!

Mine. All mine.
So, you know, my people have trust issues and I've been Shiba Mind Controlling them to let me off leash more 'cuz I am a GOOD DOG. It worked! Here's me sniffing cool stuff on the beach and running around playing with dad - he's my favorite dog to play with even if he only runs on two legs.

Mom sayz this video proves I can get sorta wet if I want, but I still don't really like it:

The last word: HAPPY DOG!

-- Posted by Prince Zuko!


  1. looks like so much fun; i'm sure i'm gonna love it there!

    now, if i can only get humans to go fully off-leash on the beach like you...

  2. Hi Taro - Zuko's mom here. You can tell your people that I had my concerns too about the off-leash on this beach. But there is NO WAY a Shiba can truly escape. You may run off down the beach, but we will catch you - when you play with other dogs or suddenly decide you want food. ;-) Maybe your people can keep some rabbit treats with them on the beach to lure you back!

  3. Prince Zuko! Looks like so much fun!! I know we're from Hawaii and finding an enclosed beach like that shouldn't be too is! Boo! Our quest continues. Meanwhile, Katsumi Firefox is extremely jealous of you!

  4. what a gorgeous place. and what a happy smile!