Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Tuff

Mom caught this video of me teaching my new toy, Lamb Chop, a lesson. I like her music selection. Suits the situation I think!

-- Posted by Prince Zuko, Gangsta INC.


  1. hahaha what i love Lamb Chop! she has beautiful lashes. Zuko is so dexterous with his paws.

    niko's obsessed with his squirrel lately and he only chews the face. the tail end of the toy is unharmed.

  2. very ferocious! our human keeps all of the "dead" ones in a bag so we can keep count. :)

    - kuma & hiro

  3. @Melissa: The face is the best part! So many interesting textures and ears. Ears are tasty.
    @Kuma and Hiro: I will Shiba Mind Control mom to start keeping my trophies! That is a great idea!