Monday, September 13, 2010


Mom took me to a friend's house last night and there was a KITTY there!! Oh my gosh! I was pretty excited but the kitty was growling at me. My kitty brofurs taught me as a puppy that I have to respect a kitty's authority, so I wuz a good dog. I kept my distance but I just couldn't help trying to get closer...and closer...and then kitty would hiss and I'd back off.

Finally, the kitty bolted under the bed and mom's friend got him out and put him on the couch. I wuz so happy my tail was wagging all over the place! Still, the kitty didn't want to play with me and ran back under the bed. I was a good dog still, played with mom's friend and was pretty much awesome but now and then I'd go check under the bed to see if the kitty had changed his mind about playing with me. He never did.

The good news is I get to stay with mom's friend for a week and I'm sure the kitty will decide I'm a great friend and play with me during that time.

- Posted by Zuko!


  1. hee hee! i'm picturing a wagging Shiba tail and a hissing cat. i hope the kitty will change his mind about becoming the best buds, zuko!

  2. my grandma has a HUGE kitty... i like to go poke him with my nose and nip at his hair. sometimes he runs and hides, other times he just lies on his back and lets me do it. my humans tell me to leave him alone; i don't get why it's such a big deal!

  3. @Nobuko: kitty will be my BFF. I will use Shiba mind control on him. (mom says good luck, no mind control works on cats - huff!)
    @Taro: I know! Kitties are awesome. They can get away from us so I say iz OK for us to poke at them.

  4. Zuko, I'm sure that kitty will come to his senses soon. Be careful of your cute nose though. :)

    We have three kitties and they absolutely refuse to teach Misaki anything, though they have the claws for it. Misaki didn't grow up with kitties, but she doesn't chase them - just growls at them if they get in her bubble. If they really annoy her she goes and grabs a toy to chew on (I have no idea where she learned this but it's awesome - Mom and Dad fully appreciate it). The kitties, though, don't do anything when Misaki comes and pokes her nose around. Either they really don't care - which would be odd, since they seem to care - or they don't think it's worth their time to "correct" her.

    Makes life interesting. :)

  5. @Jason: LOL! I don't know how you do it: three cats and a Shiba. You are very brave people! :-)