Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buena Vista Park

One of the best things about San Francisco iz all the hills! We Shibas are good climbers and all, you know, and SF gives me plenty of opportunity to keep those skills sharp.

This weekend my people took me over to Buena Vista Park. Mom sayz it is a fake hill - people built it up and made it - but I don't really care. Look at the stairs!

Yeah! Let's climb!

And there are squirrels in those hills and stuff - I chased two of them but 'cause mom had a me on a leash they got away from me. :-( But she did get a picture of me looking awesome:

After I take care of bizness, I tend to get a little over-emphatic with my scratching and my people laugh at me. They captured me on video going a bit crazy in the weeds. What can I say? Everyone needs to know ZUKO WUZ HERE.

Later we were at the top of the hill and there was this sand pit - I LOVE sand and I got the zoomies!

Super fun day for me - we got back home and I crashed out on my people's bed.

-- Posted by Zuko the Squirrel Chaser!


  1. oooh! that looks like so much fun! and did you really chase a squirrel? I think Katsumi would LOVE squirrels if she ever met one.

  2. I did chase two squirrels! I would have had the first one if it wasn't for the leash. :-( No squirrels in Hawai'i?

  3. looks like a great day out... still looking forward to coming to san francisco, even though it'll be a while until we actually get there!

  4. I love when they get the zoomies. Lookin' good Zuko!