Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working hard today

Today, I have a big job: Sleep on all the couches.

In this job, which I have self-assigned, I am awesome. Mom documented my superior couch-napping skillz with her terrible camera that made me fuzzy. I will be Shiba Mind Controlling her to buy a better camera so the Internets can see my true awesomeness.

The TV remote is also mine.
This couch is comfy too!

-- Posted by Prince Zzzzzzzzuko


  1. i love to hang my head off the couch like that too--guess it's a shiba thing!

    and, like zuko, i think the remote is definitely mine. i like to take it and make my slow humans chase me.

    my humans have been saving these photos of me with the remote (and others) for a later blog entry, but here's a sneak peak for Zuko and Zuko's commenters:


  2. Taro! My daddy haz a complicated heavy TV remote so I can't steal it but I can guard it and stop them from getting to it. Awesome pics - nice Shiba Stance in #1.

    And congrats on winning the big prize today!

  3. Oooh. How do you keep your beige suede couch so clean with a dog in the house?!

    Zuko - you look so comfy. I want to lay on my couch and curl up now too.

  4. @Ting: It is some micro-suede stuff that brushes off easily! It has survived cats and Zuko! :-)