Friday, August 6, 2010


Shibas are hunting dogs, so I guess it would figure they have ginormous teeth. We've never really compared Zuko's teeth to other dogs, but folks comment on them often.

Last weekend we went out to Carmel Valley and Zuko met his new BFF Riley. Riley is a 60 pound white lab 7 month old puppy - so she had a bit of a size advantage on him. But his TEETH! Bigger than hers and he flashes them often during playtime. He's also very, very vocal when he plays. We don't call him "demon dog" for nothing!

Want proof? Check 'em out:

Love bite
Monster teeth
I'm Fierce!
To get all the action, here is the full video. I had to put cheesy music over it because we were all yapping about pointless stuff as I recorded this and we sounded like dorks.

And for further demon-dog-in-action video, here is another clip on Zuko and Riley:

-- Posted by Zuko's Teeth-Brusher


  1. Wow his teeth are super white and bright! Good job with the brushing!

  2. lol, We get the same comment as well to Yuki. & i agree with Ting, Zuko's teeth are so bright!