Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wedding Bells

Zuko attended his first wedding today! Our friends had an outdoor wedding and being proud parents of two chihuahuas, of course they made it a dog-friendly event. 

Bluebell and Cinnamon's pawrents got married today! 

Zuko was brushed and spritzed and put on his best attire for the event. 

Prince Zuko

Another wedding guest - she barked at Zuko, he snarled

Hoping for cheeze

Zuko was much admired - the bride had many Japanese friends and family attending and for once, just about everyone knew he is a Shiba Inu. 

Cinnamon and Bluebell arrived late, dressed in pink tutus. Bluebell and Zuko sniffed, but the other chihuahuas were either terrified of him or barked at him. The little lady in the photos above tried very hard to impress Zuko that she was badass! Later, she did sniff him and let him get close to her. For about three seconds. ;-)

I was a proud mommy - he did well, didn't pee on anything he shouldn't have, didn't try to snack on the little dogs and even let some people pet him. 

-- Posted by Prince Zuko's mom


  1. OMG, that bowtie makes Prince Zuko look soooo handsome! good job behaving well at the wedding.

  2. Zuko, you're a total lady killer in that bow tie!