Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa Paws - 

I haz been a very good dog this year. As you might remember from the above picture, I was very scared of you but I was a good boy and let you have your picture taken with me. I submit this as proof I iz a good dog!

If you need additional proof, I submit this picture: 

I allowed my hooman to put a Santa hat on me and didn't bite a single thing. Again, proof I iz a good dog! 

This year I request the following prezents:
  1. Cheese. I would actually like a dairy farm that produces cheese, but my hoomans have told me I would not have any place to put this. *huff*
  2. More bouncy balls. I keep losing them somehow. 
  3. A new collar. Preferably one I canz escape from. 
  4. A kitty brofur. 
I think that iz all for now. Oh - my hoomans could use some stuff for the howse so if you get a letter from them, pleaze do give it the same V.I.P priority level I iz sure my letter is getting. 

Sincerely - 
Prince Zuko (a.k.a "Good Dog")

I iz waiting for my prezents!


  1. I think the evidence of your goodness is irrefutable. Santa Paws cannot deny you bouncy balls and a dairy farm. If he does, give me a call - we'll sue him for breach of contract.

  2. Awesome! Love that last picture - Zuko, you look so content. Are you going to miss your windows? Or do you get better windows? You should tell your humans it's possible to LIVE on a dairy farm. :) Then you could help them make cheese all day long...

  3. @Noelle: Thanks! Iz good to have lawyer friends I think!
    @Jason: What?? You can live on a dairy farm? I must speak to my people. I think they have been misleading me on some things. *huff*

  4. Merry Christmas Zuko! I hope Santa Paws brings you everything you desire!

  5. zuko, you are too cute. hopefully santa paws will bring you all of the listed items for you! happy hawlidays!

  6. @Gina: Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and the Shibal Inus. Kit and Betsy and Nova and Natto make my mommy smile all the time!
    @Nobuko: Does cuteness factor in when Santa considers how good you've been? I hope Kaiju has a good hawliday and getz lots of cheese too!

  7. Zuko, that is very good photographic evidence of your goodness. i am certain that Santa Paws will get you all the things on your list. I especially hope you get a kitty brofur. Merry Christmas Zuko! woof- Tokyo