Friday, July 1, 2011

Zuko @ Work

Zuko is a great office dog. He's pretty mellow and doesn't jump on anyone and rarely barks. Only if you are really weird is he going to bark at you (yeah - looking at you weird lady who decided to creep up on him). He's gotten better with other dogs while on-leash and we've gotten better and noticing which dogs are going to be an issue in an on-leash meet and greet.

Zuko supervising his hudad at work

Until today, Zuko could go to work with his hudad (human dad). The small dot com company was always super dog-friendly (there is even another Shiba there) but they were bought by a big Silicon Valley company a few years ago. And as with all acquisitions, the mother ship started enforcing their rules, finishing up with enforcing the "no dogs" rule, effective today. 

Luckily for this budding Shiba CEO, my work is still hip and cool (even though we are also in the process of being bought by a ginormous company). Our open office workspace (warehouse) freaks Zuko out and he tends to be a real scaredy-cat. 

"Not hiding under desk, I iz protecting mom!"

And then there is just random weirdness such as this:

"Please explain to me why there is a dinosaur on the wall. Anyone?"

But in general, he is still the perfect office dog. I leave him at my work spot without his leash attached, tell him to "wait" and walk over to the kitchen. He can see me the whole time until I turn into the kitchen to get some coffee or whatever. I come back out and he's still sitting there, at my work spot, watching for me. 

The folks at work love him and everyone wants to pet him - but, being a true Shiba CEO, no one gets that honor. Not even my real CEO - Zuko snubbed him. (If I don't get my bonus, I'll know why and Zuko will be eating Puppy Chow instead of his expensive raw diet mix - ha!). Of course, this also means most people don't even know he's there at all - which is a good thing in a work environment. 

Finally, here is his official Shiba CEO stance on meetings and conference calls:


-- Posted by Prince Zuko's dedicated worker bee


  1. Damn you, corporate mothership!! Way to be out of touch with SF dog culture!! ;)

    I'm glad Zuko still gets to go to your office though.

  2. I want to go to the office too!!!

  3. awesome post, zuko. you make a pawesome officemate.

  4. zuko, sorry your hudad's office has changed their policy. your humom's office seems really cool though. i love the dinosaur!