Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Shibapalooza: My furiends

Hi there - iz Prince Zuko! I really enjoyed Shibapalooza, even though I was a bit grouchy at times. Stoopid leash. Mom can totally trust me off-leash, I don't need that thing. (hee-hee)

I wanted to share some fotos of all my furiends from this weekend!

Kyuubi & hudad, me, me chasing Taro, Mika, Taro the Twiba, the two Mikas, Rinji with his sisfur Mika in background,  me sniffing Mika, me chasing Tokyo, Taro and his hudad

More to come!

-- Prince Zuko - woof!


  1. Hey Zuko, will there be an upcoming montage you a and you princess?