Friday, July 22, 2011

Shibapalooza: Even more photos!

Prince Zuko pupular demand, I'm posting more photos of Shibapalooza. Some of these mom pulled off the group meet-up site and isn't always sure who posted them. She thinks @walkingyuki mom and @_tar0_ hudad might have posted some of them!

If you want to see lots of photos, visit Taro's website. His hoomans weren't busy controlling a 30 pound snarling ball of fur (hey! typist, no editorial comments!!) and were able to take photos.

Me doing a perfect down - stay cuz mom had noms in her hand

My brofur Taro!

Brofur and sisfur: Rinji and Mika

Mika and ?

Taro - looking cute and doing tricks for noms!

Queen Tokyo

Mika, sisfur to Rinji

Backyard at the howse in HB. Good zoomies area.


Hiding and snacking on grass in yard. All the Twibas enjoyed this spot and the fresh greens.


Mom getting snuggles from Rinji. Sort of. 

Gift bags of nommy noms from Tokyo!

More zoomies in the yard. I so fast the camera couldn't catch me!

Please feed me. 

Taro's hudad is strong and can actually pick me up. Now give me noms. 
-- Prince Zuko!

PS: My typist needs to do something like a Flikr or Picasa. Any good suggestions which way to go? She needs a better place to put pictures of all my awesomeness.


  1. great post, zuko!

    i suggest flickr (even though you'll have to decide whethere to pay for pro once you hit 200 photos) because you can have your contacts photos automatically populate for you as they make them available. this means a constant stream of shibas from all over the world, including yuki, misaki, the two bows, shibainuhawaii, mika & kyuubi, and more!

  2. A lovely time was had by all, I'm sure!

    I don't play with Picasa at all. The formatting on Picasa albums that I've seen always look a little wonky.

    I love flickr. Lots of functions, community search possibilities, sharing and privacy restrictions, etc. I think it's worth paying for, especially if you have a lot of photos.

  3. The dog with question is kurenai, a shikoku ken.