Monday, July 25, 2011

Surf City: No Dogs Allowed

For Shibapalooza, the Twibas from out of town decided to group together in Huntington Beach because it has an awesome dog-beach and was voted one of the most dog-friendly cities in California.

Unfortunately, since then, a few things have changed.

What would Snoopy do?
There is a blog post here on the "no dogs allowed" in Huntington Beach, along with @Tokyoshiba blog post here about the dog-friendly hotel that is in the heart of the Main Street area. 

What Zuko wanted me to share with you is what he feels every place should have: 

Now that is more like it!
Lazy Dog Cafe is just outside HB in Westminster and they were very accommodating (as you can see). The patio was fenced in (@Tokyoshiba made an amazing jailbreak move and got out) and there were two gates in case it got crowded and you needed to get out without making everyone else move. 

The didn't have a doggie menu like some places do, but overall, it was a good experience. The food and drink prices were average and the food was decent. Zuko and Taro really, really enjoyed the chicken tenders. ;-)

-- Posted by Prince Zuko's devoted typist.


  1. I hate dog restrictions, especially on the beach! What the eff!

    I had a fun conversation with someone who was being nasty to me at the farmers market when i brought an inu. I pointed to the goat someone had there next to their 'goat milk' stand, the goat smelly mess of his stall area. I said my dog doesn't come near that level of icky.

    Dog owners get no love I'm tellin ya...

  2. Dog owners get All the love. Dogs allowed everywhere. No way to fight noise invasion on your property, even inside your house!
    See for sensible solutions,