Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Visit from Taro!

Hi everyone! Prince Zuko here. My hooman haz been "working" too much lately and just now haz time to type up how PAWESOME it wuz when Taro and his pack visited us!

Shiba Mind Control at work: Give us cheeze

On his blog, Taro has shared lots of pics and stories, so I'm just gonna write about my three favorite things:

1) I luv the beach but it wuz even better with my little bro Taro! Notice the matching gait on us in this photo. Yeah, we are awesome.

shibas prancing on the beach (zuko and taro)
Running with Taro on the beach

2) Photoshoot with my half sisfur Suki and her hudad (thanks for the new word, Kaiju!) and humom. We drew a crowd and it wuz hard work but we gotz tons of treats and BACON afterwards! Noms! You can the full post here. Jonathan is a pawesome photographer and clearly picks good things to photograph (like Shibas).

Behind the scenes at Shiba photoshoot

3) Last but not least wuz just hanging out, being chill with my brofur Taro. See us being good Shibas and sharing chewies?

zuko & taro chewing himalayan dog chews

Mom sayz I was a good brofur and host. Taro and I shared treats, water and toys with no problem. Except that one incident with the wonderful tug-of-war toy but hey, boys will be boys, right? 

Nite-nite (passed out Taro in car)

-- Posted by Prince Zuko!


  1. hahah! Hudad and Humom. Thanks for passing the new words along =P

  2. Wow Zuko! Looks like you guys had loads of fun!

  3. you need to put a warning on the first pic. "do not zoom in, unless you are armed with cheese to give"