Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rescue Shiba needed for Photoshoot!

Hi everyone! Prince Zuko here. Been awhile, but I've been busy working on my modeling career and visiting wif my furiend Taro (@_tar0_ )! I haz lots to tell you about, but first: I iz modeling for Project Dog (@projectdog) this weekend and they still need to find a rescued Shiba in the San Francisco Bay Area for their book project. So if you want fame and glory like me, Taro and Suki, please visit Project Dog's website and submit your info!

Suki, Taro and me!

-- Posted by Prince Zuko, Shibas R' Us Modeling Agency


  1. Have fun at your photoshoot! Bowpi did hers as the rescue basenji RIGHT before the night she came down with her icky case of canine conjunctivitis!

    I passed along Red Young's contact info to the photographer... hopefully she can network with some rescues through him, if nobody else steps up. Too bad we didn't know she needed a rescue sheeb earlier -- there were some c-u-t-i-e-s at the Shiba Picnic!

  2. Zuko you make a fabulous model!