Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

It is almost as if my friends at Woofgang's Doggie Daycare know I am a Demon Dog!

Trick or Treat. I think I was TRICKED!
-- Posted by Demon Dog


  1. our 1st reaction: awwww he's so cute...
    our 2nd reaction: how did they put those things on him?

  2. @nobuko: I am in awe of his daycare. I think they let the dogs wear themselves out and then lure them into the trap with liver treats. The one woman there does it with ALL the dogs and seems to find it no big deal. Meanwhile, I put a bandanna on Zuko and get the disgusted Shiba stare. Go figure. The dress him up every Halloween. Last year he was Johnny Rotten, complete with mohawk!

  3. hahahaha that's taking Demon Dog to a literal sense, what a coincidence. That's a great "school picture"

    You look devilish!

  4. The one ear sticking out from under the hood tells me that he didn't go into this without some resistance. lol.

    My first reaction: Awwwww he's so cute.
    My second reaction: Lol that poor dog.

    ONI INU! Run, it's an oni inu!

  5. @K9Trainer: I know, I love the one ear in the one ear out thing! His daycare hoomans have skillz though. They do this with like 50 dogs! Everyone gets their photo and a bag of treats.