Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 2 years Zuko!

Our little dude was born two years ago today - one day before our wedding anniversary. I have many, many Libra friends so I guess it was fate that Zuko would be our pup.

His daycare, Woofgangs, celebrated his birthday on Friday. I still have no idea how they get pictures of him in a hat without getting the "airplane ears".

We took the little guy with us everywhere this weekend, including a winery and The Refuge yesterday. He did indeed get to try the famous pastrami at The Refuge and he loved it. Today we walked up the hill to brunch. Our family doesn't eat pork, but based on recommendations from @iamkaiju, Zuko insisted on trying some. I ordered a side of applewood smoked bacon and he loved it. (He only got about 1/2 of one piece though).

Finally, we went by one of his favorite pet stores, George, and picked up some of his favorite treats and a new toy. While I did try the bat-wings on him as a possible Halloween costume, I decided I couldn't do that to him on his birthday. I'll sneak back and buy them later. ;-)

Happy Birthday!
Nom Nom Nom....

Happy Birthday Little Dude! You make us smile and laugh every day and we love you!

-- Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday Zuko! Misaki is quite jealous of you getting actual bacon. She is wondering if you can spare some shibamindcontrol tips. Wait, why am I passing on that message?

    That birthday hat is super cute.

  2. Psst... Misaki:
    step 1) look thin and sad. droopy eyes, droopy tail, ears, etc.
    step 2) give Shiba Mind Control stare. you must really, really focus here.
    step 3) receive bacon

  3. happy birthday, zuko!

    from fan, friend and fellow shiba (all rolled into one tiny shiba package),

  4. aw whoops, I'm totally behind on my Shiba blog reading...but Happy Birthday, Zuko!!!! (and congrats to your Mom & Dad on their Anniversary as well!)

  5. happy birthday zuko. you make us smile and laugh too, all the time, so thank you! i hope your day was filled with yummy treats and kisses!

  6. Happy Birthday Zuko!

    You are so loved! And that hat is totally you're color.

    We usually get airplane ears whenever we put anything foreign on Shio too. They look so distressed and yet so utterly adorable when they have airplane ears that we can't do anything but laugh at their funny face. I know... we're terrible pup-rents. :)

  7. @Ting: I am with you tho - airplane ears are SOOOOOOO funny! Our pups our so super-spoiled I feel like it is OK to be bad puppy mommy sometimes. ;-)

  8. How lucky you are, Zuko. Happy Birthday #2! You sure got the royal treatment.