Monday, October 4, 2010

The Good Life

Well, since little Prince Zuko thinks if he lived in Japan he would get to hunt wild boar and be worshiped as royalty on / near Mt. Fuji, I thought I'd set him straight just a little.

Our friend recently visited Tokyo (so jealous) and brought back this magazine called "Shi-ba". Yes, a whole magazine dedicated to the Shiba Inu and their awesomeness. Zuko was pretty pleased with this. It did start off well:

Clearly this Shiba is master of his own domain and having a happy life. But then the horror starts:

Is that an UMBRELLA on that Shiba?

A cow? Cows are prey, not a Shiba costume!
So when Zuko starts getting a tad too big in the ego department, I now bring out this magazine and start asking him which costume he would like me to purchase for him. The cow? The sheep? The fish-on-your-head? The Santa Claus costume?

-- Posted by Bad Mommy


  1. goodness. shibas everywhere! lol

  2. I love the cow costume! Minus the red bib. Though I have a feeling that the red bib is supposed to be good luck.

  3. You should have seen the Shiba-a-month calendar. So funny, each month the Shiba was in a costume with December being a Santa Claus outfit. So, so wrong! ;-) If you are ever in Japan or know someone there, have them look for this magazine and send it. Even w/o being able to read Japanese I loved it!

  4. 2009 was the year of cow according to the Chinese zodiac. The title says "Let's stand out with the cow CosPlay for the New Year."
    The red fish hat is Tai fish(porgie but Japanese one looks like a red snapper), and it is a special fish for special occasions to be celerated for Japanese.

  5. OMD I want this magazine!!!!!!!!!