Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Beach!

I luvs the beach. We haven't been there in a long time, even though it iz only like 2 miles from our howse (lazy hoomans).

One thing you might not know about the beach: there are Teradactyls there. See the footprints?

Evidence: Exhibit A - Footprints

My mom sayz these are not teradactyl prints. She claims these are "seagull" footprints. I disagree. Notice me examining what had clearly been a teradactyl party spot before I arrived:

More clues
Unfortunately, everyone knows the Shiba Inu is a mighty hunter. Since I did not see, stalk or capture a teradactyl on the beach, I can only assume they left cuz they knew I was coming for them.

Next time I getz them!

-- Prince Zuko, Master Detective and Hunter Extraordinaire


  1. you'll have to sniff them out before i come up there; if you don't, those flying dinosaurs might pick me up, take me to their nests and feed me to their kids!

  2. @Taro - no way! They clearly fear us, the mighty Shiba hunters. You might be small but you are all Shiba!

  3. haha - I love this post.

    Laugh every time I read it!