Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you could do a National Shiba meet-up, where would you go?

@WalkingYuki @LeahShiba @_tar0_ and I started a Twitter thread on the dream of a National Shiba Inu Meet-up. Where would we meet? When?

Ideas so far:
St. Louis
Needs to be over 3-day weekend
Dog-friendly city and hotel or B&B

For those of us on the West coast, St. Louis shows about 30+ hours of driving but my mom sayz she has always wanted to do the "Route 66" drive so it is possible. From NYC it is about 15 hours.

Other locations "mid-country":
Amarillo, TX
Wichita, Kansas
Omaha, Nebraska

So what do ya'll think?


  1. also, chicago, dallas, & kansas city.

    of course, other than chicago i know very little about how dog-friendly these places are.

  2. if only the quarantine laws for Hawaii weren't so strict...we'd totally be there too! :-( I'll help with whatever planning I can do from here, though! :-)

  3. i'd like to take my inus to St. Louis or Omaha! PLEEEEEASE get a national shiba inu meetup going. We'd love to see our online shiba friends in person!

  4. We vote for St. Louise. Wow it would be sooo fun to meet all the people in person.... a road trip would also be great. I love the idea!

  5. Amarillo TX? Not much going on there, Austin is a very dog friendly city, plenty of things to do over a 3 day weekend.

  6. austin is just fine by us, as well. :)

  7. I would take Mika out to St. Louis. :) That sounds awesome!

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  9. zuko's mom, let's put the 5 top places into an online poll. then the top 3 place. then whichever win, we'll go there?

    if we're traveling a long distance (drive-wise), i think those who live near each other should have a meeting point. that way, we can travel the rest of the way together -- i really hate getting lost :(

  10. Hi everyone! Survey posted here:

    Please RT and share the love. Survey closes 10/30/2010.

  11. Omaha! We have a beautiful dog park (hefflinger) and a few great dog friendly hotels. Red carpet inn off of 144th is a good place to stay. Omaha is a planned city, so getting around does not require hopping on a highway. St. Louis is so hard to navigate around. Traffic is hell in stl. I am from stl originally but moved to Omaha in 2004, this is a very pet friendly city!

  12. Hi Janel - Great feedback! Any chance you added that all in the survey or could for me?

    Thank you!!