Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is all this #teamshiba stuff?

I don't know how this started: It i recorded in the twitterverse somewhere, but a bunch of Shibas on Twitter have formed the Anipal World Cup team: #teamshiba. We have a logo and t-shirts even - and the proceeds go to NYC Shiba Rescue. You can buy a shirt here.

What has happened so far? We have "played" against our arch-enemies #teambasenji and #teamfox. Both are pretty much imaginary, but I hope tomorrow #teamakita actually represents. We defeated #teambasenji with a score of 3-0. #teamfox represented - but we did not go down without a fight and eventually came out victorious with a score of 5-3. Those cunning foxes tried to blend in with the Shibas but we were on to them!

How do you play? Well - when the game starts, post a picture or video of you (the Shiba) with a ball. This allows #teamshiba to either block or score. It is really up to your imagination what has happened in that photo. It doesn't have to even be a soccer ball! This is Shiba Rulz, you know! And since we all shredded and/or ate the rule book, anything goes.

Good team players also find pictures or video of the opposing team so we have some "real" competition in the game. Of course, due to Shiba Mind Control, we don't ever lose.

When does it happen?  Kickoff is usually around 9am PST and the game ends at 5pm PST. Unless there is overtime, but really - Shibas Rule. How could THAT happen?

Who is in the starting line-up? Shibas are so pawesome we don't play a "position", but our active players so far are:


Can I join in? YES!! Follow the #teamshiba tag on Twitter, post a picture of you being awesome with a ball (of any kind) and score points or block the opposing team! We do take days off, so follow the #teamshiba to know what is going on!


-- Prince Zuko


  1. thx Zuko (and Zuko's mom)! woof! go #teamshiba!

    i'm ready to play; i got my humans to get our pics and videos ready.


    my videos are on youtube...but i'll save those for the game!


  2. Thanks Zuko and Zuko's mom!

    It did start with a joke in Twitterverse...

    @iamkaiju posted a pic with a plushie ball: and then the response was:

    The next day came a team logo, then the rest, as they say is... :)

    Can't wait to play the next match!