Friday, June 11, 2010

All I want is a coyote (or, my visit to Sutro Baths)

I had a busy week with my people and our family guests. After our trip to the wineries on Sunday, we went out to the beach on Monday! I love the beach... all that seaweed to pee on. It is so awesome.

Sutro Baths - pretty cool, huh?

Then we went someplace I haz never been - Sutro Baths! There are COYOTES out there. I'm pretty sure I wuz smelling them and I know I could take one if it tried to get me or my human but we didn't see any. Instead, there were lots of flowers. Now, I like flowers, but a coyote would have been more fun.

 Smelling the flowers (is that coyote I scent?)

Any coyotes in here? Oh - hai there birdies. Hee-hee.

-- Posted by Prince Zuko. Wille E. Coyote haz got nothin' on me!

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