Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dog-caching in Golden Gate Park

Doodez... mom is back and we had a busy weekend! They did a "sidewalk sale" yesterday and it wuz boring. See picture of me being bored:

Mom! This street sale stuff is BORING! on Twitpic

They made it up to me today tho! We went "geocaching" in Golden Gate Park! I prefer to call it dog-caching cuz itz all about ME!

Clearly I am good at it too. I found my first two caches right away. Well, dad had to actually get them for me since I don't have hands.

Geocache #1 found. I am good at this! on Twitpic

Geocache #2 found. I am so awesome! on Twitpic

And - I found the biggest, stinkiest dogs I have ever seen! Mom sayz they are really called "buffalo" but I think they are dogs 'cause they are so big and stinky. I wanted to play with them but mom said the National Park Service would not appreciate that and she was pretty sure I'd roll in their poo and then I'd have to have a bath. So I decided I'd skip that for now. 

What r THOSE? I want to play! on Twitpic

Buffalo! Seriously - want to play with them! on Twitpic

Now I sleepzzzzzz....

-- Zuko: Dog-cacher extraordinaire


  1. Oh man, it's a very good thing Zuko didn't roll around in buffalo poo. So so good.

  2. @Gina: Yes, big big fences - good thing. He was FASCINATED by them though. He did not want to leave!

  3. Yes... good call on the poo!