Sunday, June 6, 2010

Demon Dog in Wine Country ...

Hi everyone! It's me, Zuko. My people took me back up to wine country today and it was pawesome! I found new things to pee on (I was polite and did not pee on the grapes) and give Kendall-Jackson and Sbragia vineyards my approval for being dog-friendly!

 I approve - they let me into the tasting room!

And best of all... I got my picture taken with SNOOPY!

 My hero - Snoopy!

--- Posted by the other Red Baron: Zuko


  1. wow! Kendall Jackson is dog friendly!!!! Fantastic... mom is a huge wino!

  2. Hi Masako! I wasn't allowed in the tasting room since they serve food there, but we sat outside and they brought the food to us. We found the loophole in the rulz. Hee-hee-hee! Everyone admired me tho and the gardens and grounds are dog-friendly. Woof!! Why do people like to whine so much? I don't get it. Mom says I iz spelling it wrong and don't understand. Huh.
    -- Prince Zuko