Thursday, July 1, 2010

#teamshiba Anipal World Cup Update!

Hai there everyone! Prince Zuko reporting in on the exciting events of the Anipal World Cup! There has been lots of activity, so let's get right to it...

On June 22nd we took on #teamfox. They were sneaky and tried to "blend in" but we were smarter than that! @_Tar0_ scored a goal early on for #teamshiba and brought the crowd to their feet! Their spazzy fox tricks didn't manage to score them a goal and @hoshishiba brought the fancy footwork and scored another goal for #teamshiba!  Final score: 5-3.

Next up: After a rest day, on June 24th we challenged #teamakita. You know, these guys tried to pull out the "cute puppy" factor but we were way ahead of them on that front! Early on @SeattleShibaInu busted out the moves with the "keep-away" strategy. With the score standing at 1-0 for #teamshiba, @iamkaiju brings out the Shiba Mind Control and scores another goal for #teamshiba! #teamakita tries the cute puppy tactic once again, only to blocked by @_tar0_. 

Guard dog / goalie @WalkingYuki eventually was so bored with #teamakita's lack of game, that she fell asleep guarding the ball! I really thought #teamakita would represent much better than this, but the game ended with a final score of 3-1! Woof!!!

Monday, June 28th brought the much anticipated match-up between #teamshiba and #teamdingo. Early in the game @SeattleShibaInu makes a move and scores the first goal for #teamshiba! With the score standing at 2-0, a penalty is called when a false dingo enters the fieldAlas, the dingos block the penalty shot by a spinning-technique save. Then using superior Shiba Mind Control, @iamkaiju uses time travel and brings snow to the field to cool things down in this hot weather AND scores a goal! 3-0 in favor of #teamshiba. 

Due to our awesomeness, @hoshishiba (while recovering from surgery) secured a major sponsor for #teamshiba. Otousan is my hero! Yeah! Finally, #teamshiba finishes off #teamdingo, 4-0. Woof!! 

#teamchow walked onto the field to face #teamshiba on Tuesday, June 29th. #teamchow gets the ball and while they may be cute, they showed signs of fear when near the ball. Mastering their fear quickly they score the first goal! When a second goal is scored, #teamshiba rallies with @keido bringing the full force of Shiba awesomeness to the field! Score stands at 1-2, with #teamchow leading! Due to the threat from @keido, #teamchow puts in their best goalie, hoping to stop the Shibas from scoring any more!  

Later, during a message from our sponsor, @_tar0_sneaks past #teamchow's goalie and jumps through the goal with the ball! #teamshiba has tied the game, 2-2 .. but @iamkaiju manages to get the ball AND confuse the field with snow - AND HE SCORES! 3-2 in favor of #teamshiba with just seconds left in the game. #teamchow makes one last attempt to score. Blocked by @keido, the buzzer sounds and it is another victory for #teamshiba! I celebrate with some victory zoomies around the field! ZOOOMIES!!  

The action hasn't ended: Thursday's match is against #teampoodle. I hear this one will be curly. I mean crazy. Hee-hee-hee. 

DON'T FORGET: We have a logo and t-shirts and stuff - and the proceeds go to NYC Shiba Rescue. You can buy a shirt here. Buy stuff and help Shibas!

WANT TO PLAY? Follow the #teamshiba tag on Twitter, post a picture of you being awesome with a ball (of any kind) and score points or block the opposing team! We do take days off, so follow the #teamshiba to know what is going on!

For more details, here is my original blog post. 

-- Prince Zuko!


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