Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Weekend

Yeah! It is the weekend and both my people are here! Best...ever.

Last weekend mom walked in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This "walk" (no dogs allowed - whatever) stopped in MY park! There were people everywhere on my potty-spots. It was super weird. I had to check out the quieter areas and of course, I was admired by all.

Checkin' things out at MY park

Then mom came up and she went and put PINK beads on me. Not funny at all, but I still posed for a picture with her 'cause she was doing a good thing, walking 26.2 miles to raise money for breast cancer research and stuff.

 Mom wuz pretty tired at this point - 20 miles walked!

This weekend it's been all about me (as it should be). We went to dinner last night up on Fillmore Street and had some yummy cornbread and a little bit of braised beef. My people keep drinking these things called "martinis" and won't share.

This morning the mailman came by early (I like the mailman - mail tastes good when I shred it) and there was a package for me! My Shibal Inu cards came - now I can really tell folks how I feel by sending them a nice card. Woof! Or maybe I'll eat them. No, that would be bad. I'll eat the Chinese food delivery menus that get stuck on our door instead.

 Me, in a pensive moment, contemplating what I shall write.

After that excitement, we went shopping for people food and then went to the pet store. They love me there 'cause I'm so awesome and well-behaved. I thought about pee-ing on a certain spot to stamp out the smell of another dog's pee but dad reminded me of my manners. They bought some more Primal nuggets for me, some treats and a new toy.


I'm working hard on killing that sheep toy.

Rumor has it tonight is a "cookout" which means "hamburger for the dog" as far as I can understand.

See - it really IS all about ME!

-- Posted by Prince Zuko


  1. A much deserved weekend all about Zuko

  2. May you feast on all the hot dogs and burgers that your dear little heart desires!