Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prince Zuko comes home!

Finally, the day came for Zuko to come home! He was just over seven weeks old and it was right after Thanksgiving. We drove down to the breeders' and picked him up. Chuck and Lynn did a great job of going through everything with us, packed up some of the food he'd been eating to keep his diet consistant, showed us samples of the deadly foxtails to watch for and were just really fantastic.

We found quickly that Zuko doesn't like car rides. He didn't get sick on the way home since the breeders had skipped a meal for just this reason - but it was a long hour ride back home for a little dog.

After all the research and studying, I had an exercise pen and a crate set up for him. We brought him in, introduced him to the backyard, fed him and let him crash out in his crate.

We had two cats and we didn't have to worry about introducing them. They avoided Zuko like he was a four-legged plague. Which, to two 17 year old cats, I imagine he was a plague. They had their refuge, the huge window seat where Zuko couldn't jump. Eventually, they decided the puppy was not going to own their house and they checked him out. Zuko loved the kitties. They were definately his brofurs and he wanted to play with them always. They wanted to smack him around, hiss at him, then retreat to their window seat. Poor puppy.

Other than that warm welcome from the kitties, Zuko settled into the house nicely and immediately wrapped us around his little paw!

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  1. this iz a good bloggy zuko! my mom haz just read all the first entries and really likes it.

    you iz learning the shiba mind control very well to make your mom do this.

  2. Hi Snick! Thanks a bunch! My mom luvs you and your mom's blog. I luv it too, which I why I worked so hard on my Shiba mind control so I could get a blog too. Woof!!