Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I like ducks. I don't like water.

I was at the park with my people mom the other day. It was awesome! Lots to sniff and pee on. But... the ducks! I wanted a duck. The ducks were in the pond though and in case you didn't know this, ponds are WET. Finally, I had to make a decision and I decided to go for it. The results were mixed: I proved to my mom that I can swim but the duck escaped. And I was WET after. I will use Shiba Mind Control next time to make the duck come to me.

 Ready, set.. LAUNCH!

SEE? I can swim!

Duck escaped! Now get me outta here!

-- Posted by Prince Zuko. I do not appreciate you laughing at my attempts to get the duck. You know who you are....


  1. You are BRAVE to jump in the water and try to get the duck. I admire you.

    Cheshire Kitten

  2. Thanks Cheshire Kitten! But, I am alot like kitties when it comes to water. Really not my thing. But I wanted that duck sooooo bad! Mom sayz she will buy me duck treats when she finds them. yum!