Saturday, March 20, 2010

Agility Class Part II

We finished up our sports sampler at the SPCA this past Monday and it was pawesome! We learning "weaving" and tried some new jumps. The tire jump was new and Zuko sailed through it without issue. He and the other dog in class were both being a bit contrary this week and tried to short-cut the tunnels (fastest way between two points is a straight line - not a bendy tunnel!) and Zuko escaped TWICE. On the first escape he got what our trainer calls the "zoomies" and we call "demon dogging". He tore around the classroom and the other dog snarled at him. Zuko being Zuko doesn't back down and he snarled back - the other handlers knew their dog though and things were back under control pretty fast. On the second escape Zuko went and took the A-frame by himself. Little dog continues to amaze me.

Here's the video of us running the course! He was actually tired by this point. Notice me grabbing his collar at each stop. No "demon dogging" allowed!

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