Monday, March 8, 2010

My brofurs - I luved them!

When I first came home, I had two brofurs. A black kitty named Lucifer and a white kitty named Abyad. I luved them bunches. My people said they were old and I had to be nice to them, but you can see in these videos how much they luved playing with me!

The both went away while I was still a puppy and me and my people are still sad about that. I try to play with all the kitties I see but they don't like me so much. :-(

-- Posted by Zuko, via using Shiba mind control on his people


  1. i had a kitteh when i was a puppy! she belonged to my girls dad and i got to play with her on weekends. kittehs are fun but i no get to see her anymore because girls dad moved far away.

    i sorry your brofur kittehs went away zuko. sad

  2. Thanks Snick - my people mom's friend has a kitty and she says he wants to play with me. Yeah! I saw a kitty on walk yesterday and I even WAGGED MY TAIL I was so happy. Kitty didn't run away but wouldn't come out from behind fence to play. :-(