Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I met my brofur at the beach!

Wow - how cool iz that? We were walking along and I was taking care of bizness (pee-pee, sniff-sniff, scratch-scratch) and we see another Shiba up ahead! We stop to sniff (people were talking) and the humans figured out what me and brofur already knew - we wuz half brofurs! We were both born at C and L Showdogs in Campbell, CA and have the same doggie dad: Gunny (Top Gun).

So, nowz the time to say a bit about my "pedigree" I guess. I am AKC registered and have some cool parents and grandparents. Gunny (full name Flashpoint's Top Gun At C And L) is a big Shiba Inu - he weighs 30 pounds and is an AKC Champion! My doggie mom is Raptor (full name C And L's Little Red Raptor) and she's an AKC Champ too. My brofur is only six months old and almost as big as me but has a different doggie mom. I weigh 28 pounds and I think I am lean and mean. People mom says I'm a bit chunky and need to get back down to 27 pounds. What-ever. How is that possible when I iz starving all the time?

-- Posted by Prince Zuko who is totally awesome and wants some cheese - now!


  1. Awww! Zuko! One day you must meet your half sister Suki. Gunny is also her dad, but her Mom is Aiko. We live in San Francisco!

    You can see Suki on my blog at http://jonathanfleming.wordpress.com/

    Or on my flickr page!

  2. Hi there! We linked to your blog - yeah! Another Shiba in the city! Love the photos. Let's figure out a way to introduce the brother and sister. Zuko tends to be a bit growly on leash, so meeting up a an off-leash (fenced) area of Ocean Beach would be great.

  3. I agree, off-leash introductions are best. Is there a fenced area in Ocean Beach? If not maybe we can meet up at a dog park. My current favorites are 30th and Church as well as the new dog park off of King Street in the mission bay area. Maybe after they meet we can do a little walk together. Let me know!

  4. @Jonathan: Oops, I meant "or" Ocean Beach. No fences there though Zuko does well off-leash. I just always have to be in the mindset that I may have to chase him. ;-) I've heard of the new one in Mission Bay - let's try that one. Maybe after the holidays? There are a couple other Shibas online in NorCal who would probably be up for a playdate. You can reach us at demondogsports at gmail dot com. My real name is Tina, BTW. Though Zuko prefers I identify myself only in relation to him. Ha!