Monday, April 25, 2011

Doggie visitors

One of my favorite things about Zuko is he really is a pretty chill Shiba in some aspects. While he can be reactive on leash and has no tolerance for rude dogs, he doesn't get jealous of toys, he isn't food possessive, nor does he get jealous of his humans petting other dogs.

We are starving! Feed us already!

And this weekend we discovered he doesn't seem to care if polite dogs come into his home. We had a cookout and invited Tia to the house. Zuko and Tia have met up before, but there was a bit of tension that day because he first met her on leash. Later, in Tia's house, we found that Zuko is respectful of another dog's home and he even helped Tia guard the house when weird people went by.

So, he did know Tia, but he didn't even react when she came into the house. We brought her in through the backyard and then she came into the kitchen. Sniffing happened, then they became beggin' buddies immediately. Zuko was far more interested in the food the humans had then the fact that Tia was systematically dragging all of his toys out of his toy box and trying to get him to chase her. He didn't care that she was getting attention from all the humans (including his) and that she was getting treats. He was getting lots of attention himself and plenty of treats so it was all good.

He did steal a hotdog piece meant for Tia though - she missed it, it hit the ground, and Zuko was faster than her. ;-) Tia didn't mind.

-- Posted by Zuko's proud mommy

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  1. Awww, they are so sweet! You *should* be proud, Zuko is an exemplary Shiba. =)