Sunday, April 3, 2011

My sisfur and me!

Today I gotz to hang out with my sisfur, Suki. She's famous from the "52 weeks of Suki" by her dad.

We totally ignored each other most of the time, in true Shiba Royalty Fashion. But hey, it was hot in SF today and poor Suki haz allergies. It happens.

By the end, we were totally Shiba-strutting together. We iz family!

-- Post by Prince Zuko!


  1. Oh, I didn't know you were related! So cute. A truly royal pair.

  2. Ohhh does this mean we will get to see you in the beautiful photos by J.F.?

  3. You know how it goes with sheebs, if they love you, they ignore you ;)
    I'm putting some images together and will post some tonight! Great meeting you, Zuko! (and family) =D

  4. Hi Zuko!!! Suki had so much fun with you yesterday. We hope to see you again soon!

  5. how cool that the two shiba bloggers i follow turn out to be related! great video montage of the sisfurs. i see the resemblance.

  6. Woof! Thanks everyone for the comments. Yes, Suki and I iz true Shiba Royalty. Like all Shibas - we are pawesome! @Jonathan and Bridget - tell Suki I say "sniff" and hope to see her again soon and maybe actually PLAY. @Melissa: Small world, right? Woof!