Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shibapalooza and Twiba Meet-up

Shiba mind control is an amazing thing. Zuko has been working on me for months to plan a trip for Shibapalooza in SoCal.

"All that Shiba mind control really wore me out!"
And now it is happening. Of course, I know nothing about SoCal so I'm gonna need some help here.

First things first:
Where is Shibapalooza? I have joined the meet-up group but I am pending approval. This is the info I have currently:

Anaheim, CA 92807 - USA
Saturday, July 16 at 10:00 AM

Here is my big concern: Zuko is reactive with other Shibas on-leash and word has it Shibapalooza is usually held in a park and no off-leash. After he meets a Shiba off-leash, the issue is over and they proceed to just ignore each other. So I am hoping the #Twibas going to Shibapalooza can meet-up before (or the day after) and relax and hang out a bit. Taro the Shiba also suggested getting together and renting a portable dog run for the event. 

Huntington Beach has been suggested as a good place to meet up and Shorebreak Hotel was suggested as a possible place to stay but I am thinking a tad bit more budget conscious since gas prices seem to be going up and up!

So - all you West Coast Twibas who want to meet-up - let's figure it out! Twiba Meet-up 2011 (the West Coast version).


  1. Here is the address link to the flyer with more details about the July 16 picnic:

  2. Oh wow! Been looking for an excuse to head down to soCal =D