Friday, February 4, 2011

And the Winner is....

Thank you to all the Shibas and their hoomans who logged in and wished mom a happy birfday! She had a pretty good day, mainly because I gotz to go to work with her and guard her.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for! The winner is... Hoshi Shiba! Starting at the top, counting down the list and skipping mom's post, Hoshi is the lucky winner!

Congrats Hoshi! You have a bag of good stuff coming your way. Have your hoomans email your mailing address to demondogsports at gmail dot com.

-- Woof!


  1. congrats to hoshi shiba! & another birthday wish to prince zuko's mom!

    zuko, when my humans finally get to san francisco, you'll have to take them on a tour of George.

  2. I feel so honored to have won! Thank you so much. Best wishes to moms and keep guarding her well!

  3. Congrats Hoshi!

    And Zuko, you are such a sweet dog. Probably have to beat the girls off with a stick, don't you?

  4. Lucky Hoshi! Congrats!
    And glad Zuko's mom had a pretty good birthday. =)

  5. @Taro: Oh yes, George is on the Fillmore which is great doggie spot! Iz also around the corner from brunch place and lots of shops that like dogs. We can just WALK in wif our hoomans!
    @Jason: shh...there are some twitter rumors about me being a "playboy" and flirting with all the girls.
    @Shibasenji: how could she now with all my awesomeness around, right?
    @Hoshi: Yeah!! We are going up to George tomorrow to get your stuff and will mail it out asap!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your mommy. She looks really good in that picture from Paris in an age that ends with 0. If it makes your mommy feel any better, I'm almost 56 in doggie years. =) Don't forget that with our help, the humans stay younger because we keep them on their toes and up and about all the time. They say exercise keeps humans younger. =)