Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mom's Birfday is coming up!

My mom turns a very special hooman age on Feb 3rd and she isn't very happy about it. I don't know why hoomans get all worked up about birfdays that end in "zero" but she's sad.

So to cheer her up, I'm asking folks to comment on the blog and wish her a happy birfday! To sweeten the deal, I will (with hooman assistance) do a random drawing of the posters for a PRIZE on her birfday. All comments in before 8am PST on Feb 3rd will qualify!

What's in the prize you ask? Well, our my favorite store is George and from there I will secure:
  1. Tasty noms: grain-free turkey tots treats. These are pawesome (ask @PhineastheShiba - he got some for Secret Shiba)!
  2. One super awesome bouncy ball.
  3. One classic George stick squeaky toy. 
  4. One surprise gift. :-)
Happy birfday mom! I wuv you!

B&W foto of mom in Paris - happy mom!

-- Posted by Good Dog Zuko


  1. happy birthday, zuko's mom!

    thanks for bringing us all joy by being a volunteer typist for zuko's twitter/blog.

  2. Zuko's mom!

    Judging from the picture, you are turning 20. I don't know why you'd be sad about it. You'll be allowed to drink in a year.

    Taro's pack wish you a very happy birthday and a special year!

  3. Zuko, that's quite sweet of you! I think you should get your mom that black and tan shiba pup that was being chatted about on Twitter.

    And to Zuko's Mom - Happy Birthday from Misaki and her pack!

  4. Agree with Misaki's dad--a little b&t would be the perfect present for Mom and Zuko too! Love Zuko blog and twitter! I have no shiba yet :(, so can my entry count for my friend Taro? Anyway, a very happy barkday and happy year ahead to Zuko's mom! mfromdc

  5. Wow - folks are going to have to get their comments in (any posts from me or Zuko will be eliminated, of course...) but Taro has a 75% chance right now! :-)

    Thank you mfromdc, Taro, Taro's mom and Jason!

  6. Happy birthday Zuko's mom! You went to Paris! I'm very jealous!

  7. hi zuko's mom. happy early birthday!! i hope you'll get a nice liver cake! yesterday was my female human's birthday and her new age doesn't end with zero but she was still freaking out. i don't understand why they are so happy about my birthday but not about their own!

  8. Happy birfday Zuko's mom!!! Uncle's is an Aquarian just like you! His birfday is a few days after yours.

    Don't worry about that "zero" number. It's a strange and silly hooman notion in the concept of the space-time continuum. Remember, we Shibas actually control time and space!

  9. Aww. Happy birthday to Zuko's mom!

  10. Zuko, please tell your momma not to fret over that silly little 0. It's nothing but an empty little number to be filled by lots of love and warmth and happiness, which I'm sure you'll be able to supply aplenty.

    Happy birthday to Zuko's mom!

  11. Tracy is right, 20 is easy. Now 30...that's the tough one. Good thing you have another 10 years to find out ;)

    Happy Birthday a wee bit early! Phineas's Aunt Heather is a crazy Aquarius too! She's going to be 39 on 2/5.

    And yes, turkey tot treats rule!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Zuko's Mom! You are the luckiest Mom ever to have Zuko!

    -woof! Tokyo

  13. Happy Birthday Zuko! I meant Zuko's Mommy. lol Hope you had a great time with Suki yesterday.

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  15. Gah, had a typo so I deleted it but it still left the evidence!
    Anyway, happy birthday Zuko's mom! Age is just a number...just have a good time! Hope your day is a good one and maybe Zuko will give you extra cuddles! :)

    --Jess, Sarah, & Leah

  16. Dear Prince Zuko's Mom ~
    Happy Birthday with a zero, and don't forget to overtreat the shiba royalty.
    ~ Susan, Sam, Mika, and Rinji

  17. Happy Birfday, Zuko Mom! Zuko will cheer you up, no worries!

  18. Happy Birfday today--the very day--to Zuko's Mom! To the handsome Prince, glad to see on your Twitter feed that you are guarding her on her special day and spending lots of time with her too. Offer to share some treats (or keeses or cuddles)! mfromdc