Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zuko's (Odd) Shiba Behaviors: the Southpaw

Zuko is a southpaw. I don't know if most pets show a particular "handedness" but he showed a clear preference for hiking up the back left leg by the time he was five months old. At four months he was trying both legs (and losing his balance alot - it was pretty funny) but by five months he was solid on the left leg being the preferred one. Even our dog-walker noted that he was a lefty.

This makes walking him interesting, if the bushes are on the right side of us. He'll cut over, approach the bush, sniff and then he has to orientate his body properly so he can lift the left leg. He will not life the right one. It is actually pretty funny sometimes as he struggles to get in the right position!

-- Posted by Zuko's amused mom


  1. Winnie is also a "south paw"! I have a video of her playing with a toy using only her left paw:

    Shibas are so funny...

  2. Wow! I love the gumball machine and Winnie clearly prefers the left side. Now I want to get one of those for Zuko so I can see if he is a lefty on the front also. :-)

    Thank you for sharing!!