Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why the beach is pawesome!

Look at me at the beach!

I love the beach - best..ever. Why you ask? Even tho my people won't let me off leash (something about "never coming back") the beach is super. I like to pee on seaweed, sand castles and driftwood. I also like to poop in the water line and see if I can get done before the wave hits me. My people mom says the Greenpeace people and surfers give her dirty looks for this and now she tries to stop it ... but sometimes I iz faster than her AND the waves! Woof! I also like to dig in the sand looking for tasty crabs or just for the fun of it. I then stick my nose in the hole and flip out the water and sand. Mom is mystified by this, I iz not telling her what the secret is!

The best part of the beach is running in the sand. Wheeeee!

-- Posted by Prince Zuko, Beach Bum


  1. awesome video! looks like you had a great time Prince Zuko. Where was this beach? We just went to the dog beach in Huntington Beach - http://www.furryphotogs.com/2010/05/fun-in-sun-huntington-beach-dog-beach.html

  2. Hi Nhu-Chi, thanks for posting! This is Ocean Beach in San Francisco. It isn't too far from my house but unlike your beaches...it isn't much for wearing bathing suits for people! Down the beach a bit more is Fort Funston which is an off-leash dog beach and I hear it is awesome!!

  3. What a great shiba video of a very happy shiba!

  4. Hi Anonymous :-)
    Thank you for the comment! Zuko is a happy little dog. He makes us laugh every day with his antics!

  5. Aww... look at little Zuko running around in circles. He's so happy!