Friday, May 21, 2010

Shiba Toy: the Water Bottle

Zuko loves water bottles. What Shiba wouldn't? They crunch, crackle and roll! They are hours of fun! Okay, maybe minutes....

I put a couple of treats in the bottle and drop it on the ground - keeps him busy. It is noisy as hell, but he has fun. :-)

The stare-down

The attack

There is now a whole listing of water bottle toys for dogs. Very funny - Zuko doesn't need the fancy wrapping, he's happy with just the bottle.

-- Prince Zuko's mom


  1. Koji LOVES water bottles, but seems to go more nutso for the ones with the cover. The snake cover didn't last very long, but we have this one from Australia that he almost can't leave alone! It's covered in several layers of burlap and stitched extra tight. The way he abuses that thing, I've been extremely happy how it's held up. Wish I knew the brand, it was on clearance along with some wool toys at a Petco.

  2. Wow! Maybe I should try the covers...just to see what he would do. I'll look for them on sale somewhere. :-)