Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zuko vs. Cows

This past weekend we went on an epic hike out in the East Bay. Sunol Regional Wilderness is HUGE with stunning views and amazing hikes and very dog-friendly. It is also very hilly, hence the "epic" part of it. It was steep uphill, back down, back up, back down. After 2.5 hours the whole pack was beat.

Epic Views...and Epic climbs

"I'm free! Except for the d*mn leash."
Happy Zuko!

Still, little dude had a great time splashing through mud, climbing extra hills just for the sheer fun of it and was admired by many other hikers (and only asked once if he was a fox). Then he saw the cows.

What the bark? What ARE those??
"What the bark? What iz that??"

Zuko has never been that close to a cow before - and he was fascinated. There babies with the herd and while these were all females, there was one big black cow that looked like she would be happy to step on a little dog if he came any closer. Which he did. He'd inch forward little by little...until the big cow took a step toward him and he RAN the other way.

Wait...why u coming at me? RUN!!
"Why u coming at me? - RUN!!"

Immediately after, as if to show who is REALLY the boss, he peed all over grass tufts in their field and then peed on a barbed wire fence. Take that!

Zuko the Wild
"I WIN!"
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  1. Zuko wasn't running - he was baiting the big, lumbering cows into a trap. I'm sure he had a fire already going somewhere - instant BBQ!

  2. Oh yes, that was it. He was setting a trap. ;)

  3. One of my favorite things about local dog blogs is the previews they offer of fabulous parks. This one looks quite lovely! Is it off-leash friendly? I imagine the dogs have to be under VERY good voice control to be around cows, though.

  4. M.C. -
    Sunol is very dog-friendly. It is $5 to enter the park and $2 more for dogs. However, I don't think any trails are restricted and they do allow off-leash but you must have the leash with you and accessible at all times. And like you mentioned - strict voice control because of the cows and other critters. We did the hike to "Little Yosemite" and like I said - it nearly killed us but it was stunning.

  5. That place is gorgeous! I love that fist picture. I could totally live on that hill under one of them trees.