Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little (Fox) Dog in a Big City

Zuko grew up in San Francisco, so it's not like the sights and sounds are new to him. However, we don't take him up there often these days and we hardly ever take him to the jam-packed Union Square area. However, Easter weekend we had a big gala event just off Union Square and Little Dog came with us.

I make this collar look gooooood.
Fancy collar for a fancy event

We stayed at the Kensington Park Hotel which is super dog friendly. For $25 you can bring your pup with you and no other real costs or considerations are needed. Our event was in the hotel, so it was easy for us to check in on him during the night. He was able to get some samples of our surf and turf dinner (he loved the turf, the surf not so much) and at midnight he made his entrance into the gala. I didn't realize how loud it still was until I walked in and little dog freaked. It was a polite freaking out, but he hid behind my legs and under the table. His tail uncurled. It's gotta be hard to be so damn cute - everyone wanted to pet him - they formed a cluster around him! Ironically enough, for someone who was freaked out he still managed to eat cheese without hesitation, even going so far as to steal a bite out of my hand when I wasn't looking. ;-) Finally, his hudad took him for a quick walk to calm his nerves and the Prince crashed out.

My bed.
"I approve of these linens."

A Prince needs his sleep!
The Prince.

The next morning Zuko woke me up far earlier than I wanted and we took off for a walk around Union Square. Sunday mornings are probably the only time the square isn't crazy busy so we were able to get some photos of Zuko enjoying the scenary. He chased some pigeons and peed on many, many plants. When we got back to the hotel, he even got a sample of my breakfast: some smoked salmon and a tidbit of bacon.

Your artwork bores me.
"This artwork bores me."

My heart iz really wif Tokyo Shiba

Spoiled Dog.

-- Posted by Zuko's humom


  1. zuko on the bed is the cutest! love how he's sinking in :D

  2. @Nobuko - :-) He does like a good feather duvet....

  3. oh man, we're so jealous! your destination is somewhere we've always wanted to go.

    i'm glad zuko was able to enjoy bits of your adventure!

  4. Hi - Posted your blog at the Shiba Inu Community at vorts.


  5. Love this blog - your dog is so beautiful. Especially love that last picture of the heart and your dog.

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