Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Return of Shibasquatch

It is an amazing day in the Bay Area and Zuko and I trekked out to the famous dog beach Ft. Funston with two Boston Terriers, Winston and Porco.

Some of you may remember the infamous "runaway" when our little Shibasquatch was last let off leash back in November. Since then his life has been tightly leashed. Always.

But Ft. Funston has huge cliffs that I don't think even Zuko could climb if he tried. And we were with other dogs so..... maybe? He only received half of his breakfast this morning so he'd be hungry and I took with me the secret weapon: cheese.

Once we were down to the beach I left him off leash and he was a good boy. He ran around, farther than I am comfortable with, but he always came back.

Good boy!

- Posted by Zuko's proud mommy.


  1. Well done Zuko! You don't want to give Mom another heart attack...

  2. Yay, Fort Tons-of-Fun! It's what it was made for. =) =)
    I totally recognize that landmark. The running Doberman wasn't there when I last visited, though.

  3. Funston. Great name!

    And yay zuko, keep it up bud.

  4. I know what you mean about your shiba running away further than you're comfortable with. I'm certain that shibas need a 100ft retractable leash hehe.

    My little bugger even managed to make a few newspapers with her escapades off leash ....