Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exciting Day at the Beach

Zuko loves the beach. I love the beach because he can run and be a little monster off-leash (a.k.a. a Shibasquatch) and he gets very, very tired. Depending on the day, we may go to Ocean beach in San Francisco or stay a little more south and go to the Ft. Funston dog beach. Ft. Funston requires that I am in a mood for a work-out - the sand stairs back to the parking lot are a killer.

View about 1/4 the way down the sand stairs. Notice how tiny the beach looks?

Normally the beach has a fair number of dogs running around, but on this day we arrived and there was no one on the beach. Except....the wildlife.

Zuko likes to chase the seagulls (he believes them to be pterodactyls) and they always fly away from him. This time though, there was something new:

Will you be my friend?

I was pretty amazed - Zuko approached the Cormorant very carefully and was allowed to sniff its tail feathers. Not kidding. I didn't get a photo of him that close because I was busy hurrying over to shoo him away so he didn't get his eyes pecked out. The bird did not like me and would disappear into the water as I got closer. Zuko nearly braved a few big waves to follow his new friend into the ocean and thankfully thought better of it. 

We moved on and suddenly Zuko turned around and ran back. The Cormorant was back on the sand again. (Insert visions of a Shiba being attached by a bird with a hooked beak). The bird again tolerated Zuko but left when I got closer. Zuko got more sniffs in and really seemed to think this bird was going to play with him. 

Zuko shows his warrior stance
We can play now?

FINALLY I get him to move on down the beach. He chased some seagulls and ran around, peed on everything and wore himself out. We headed back to the sand stairs and Zuko ran up on a crab in the surf. The crab, on its back, was waving legs and claws everywhere and Zuko rushed right up to it. Thankfully I was close and got him away from it but I was now having visions of Zuko lifting his head with a Shiba Scream and a crab dangling from his nose. 

No leash. No photoshop.
What's that over there? More dangerous stuff? I'm on it!!
We move on...oh geez, there is the Cormorant again! Shit ... I managed to get a leash on Zuko and once I did he spotted ANOTHER crab flailing around in the surf and charged for it. This time I managed to get a photo: 

Can I play wif this? It's moving!
Will YOU play with me??
By this point my nerves were done and I still had to face the sand stairs. Awesome. Even Zuko was dragging a bit on the way back up the stairs. Ha!

Tired pup
-- Posted by Prince Zuko's frazzled mom 


  1. Thanks for sharing all the great stuff from Prince Zuko's beach visits and the reveal of the Shibaquatch! M.

  2. That is simply amazing - I can't believe that cormorant allowed Zuko to get so close! Misaki hasn't found anything more exciting than sandflies, seastars and sea anenomes on our beach. Thankfully.

  3. @M: You are welcome! Glad folks enjoy the antics of our crazy pup.
    @Jason: I was shocked. It is a dog beach tho, so maybe the cormorant comes there to hang with dogs - maybe it secretly thinks it is one also.

  4. I love how curious he is when approaching that bird. So cute!

  5. @Ting: He approaches kitties the same way - he really, really wants to play and learned young to approach gently. His two kitty brofurs (who passed before he was a year old) taught him to be respectful. :-) Mostly...