Sunday, September 25, 2011

Belmont Twin Pines: Adventure

Somehow even in a small city park, I can lose the trail. I am not really sure how I do this, but Zuko and I get lost  and / or end off the path when hiking all the time. Luckily the Shiba Inu is a mountain breed originally and Zuko loves climbing hills, rocks and whatever. Usually he's at the top waiting for my on my pathetic two-legs to catch up with his superiorness.

It was raining a bit in the Bay Area today so we went to Twin Pines in Belmont. It is less exposed and more covered, but very small. There is a creek area and this is where I lost the trail.

Let's go! 
We crossed the makeshift bridge and came up the other side - and there was no trail. Oops. We blundered through and found it again. We kept going - and what would be a hike with Zuko without finding some random oddity? We found ruins of a building at the end of the path.

These fall colors help me camouflage, right? Oh - and there are ruins here. 
We did manage to safely find our way back to the car. ;-)  But given our natural "tendencies" when hiking, our upcoming Yosemite trip should be very... um, interesting....

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  1. Excited to see what kind of ruins you find in Yosemite. :) Seriously though, what's with all the ruins in the Bay area? I don't think we really see that in Portland.

  2. @Jason: There is something weird about this area - it use to be a mountain retreat area (or so I hear) so there are some odd things out in them there woods. ;-)

    I'd like to research it, but the "historic society" is open like one Saturday a month.

  3. We went hiking yesterday and thought of you and Zuko!! I was thinking about Shibasquatch the whole time, like "What would happen if I took Katsumi's leash off right now?" HA yeah RIGHT!!!!

    And just like this post we almost got lost too!

    Hiking is hard. ;-)

  4. This makes for a good spooky tale for Halloween. Be careful on your next hike. Perhaps you can leave a trail of pupperoni crumbs, prince zuko?