Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holiday Update (Finally) - Part 1

It was a very Shiba holiday season for us!

It kicked off with the International Secret Shiba gift exchange. Zuko sent his chosen gifts to  early in the month. He was very careful to pick out good Shiba gifts like cheeze and bouncy ball. Zuko also received his gifts from @iamkaiju early and was tormented by them sitting under the tree for days and days. And then something appeared in his stocking...

My Stocking iz Full!

But still he had to wait. 

The day before Shibamas was a gift unto itself. We had a mini Shiba meet-up in Redwood Shores! @furballMika was there, all the way from SoCal!  and Suki, Zuko's half sisfur, joined us! Here is a photo of all four of them (finally) sitting together:

Four Shibas - Sitting Pretty!

You can see the full set of the meet-up here on Flickr

Then, it was Shibamas morning! Zuko was very happy with his gifts from his grandma and Kaiju: 

All mine, mine, mine!

You can see all of the photos of the un-wrapping of gifts here
Overall it was a good start to the holidays!

Total Shibamas haul.
"It's all about the Shiba!"
-- Posted by Prince Zuko's humom 


  1. I love the form of the white above Zuko's eyes - he always looks so concerned about everything. :) Super cute!

  2. LOL! He's very concerned. About the cheese supply in the world...

  3. looks like zuko scored big time on the shiba gifts!