Sunday, December 11, 2011

Zuko vs. Banana Slug

Apparently slugs are beneath the notice of a Shiba Inu.

Oh my gosh! A huge Banana Slug!

Slug iz gonna getcha!
Zuko: "huh?" 

Zuko! That slug is gonna getcha! 

I tried to get Zuko to look at it, sniff it. Nothing. He sat and watched the woods for more dangerous things. After the slug's antennae touched Zuko's foot, the slug retreated a bit. Zuko was still looking around at the woods and looking at me like I was an idiot.  

The he stood up and before I could stop him, he stepped on the slug's head. THEN he noticed it for a second and trotted away.

"There are more dangerous things for me to hunt out here. Slugs are not important. Now where did that squirrel go?"

-- Posted by Zuko's mom. I regret that a slug was harmed in the making of this blog post.


  1. That's horrible, good thing Zuko hurriedly noticed it. Anyways your dog is very nice and cute.

  2. Ew. Thanks for not sharing a picture of the slug's squashed head.

  3. That slug... *shiver*

    Long time lurkers here, we just wanted to stop by and let you know that we gave you the Liebster Award on our blog today. We have always enjoyed living vicariously through Zuko and thoroughly enjoyed all the lively entries. Love it!

    - Mac

  4. @Stem Cell Therapy - Thank you for the compliment! Later in the hike I was able to save another slug. Zuko never noticed it but didn't step on it either.

    @Shibasenji - you know, it did cross my mind to take the picture to complete the "documentation"...but only for a second!

    @Pupchow - wow!! Thank you! Tomorrow I will work up my return awards! Thank you very much. It is cool to know that folks enjoy the blog.

  5. Banana slug?! I have never seen that before. "Eeeew!" for us, but not for Shibas, huh...

  6. @nobuko - can you believe a school here has the banana slug as their mascot? Banana slugs are pretty common here. These were *smallish* compared to some I've seen. Ick.

  7. thats an awesome looking slug!

    you know, none of our dogs ever notice caterpillars, centipedes or even snakes!!