Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beginning: Dog that looks like a fox?

The website The Misanthropic Shiba is probably what really convinced us we wanted a Shiba. After you read the article, you may think we are crazy, but I figured any dog who fostered such a feeling of sarcasm and still a feeling of such love, had to be the right dog for us!

We saw our first Shiba four years before we finally had the courage to get Zuko. We were at Jack London Square and saw a dog sitting outside a restaurant. The dog looked like a fox in the face and was giving this look like he was evaluating our worth as humans vs. a snack. He didn't bark, he didn't wag his tail and come running at us - he just looked at us with that Shiba look. We were fascinated!

That night I googled "dog that looks like a fox" and Shiba sites popped up everywhere. At the time, I traveled alot for work and a dog wasn't in our plans. We had cats, that was enough. However, every time I saw a Shiba walking their humans in the city, I stopped and talked. Every person I met said something along the lines of "He / she is great but certainly a handfull". The I saw them, the more I knew the Shiba Inu was the dog for me.

Work changed, life was less about travel and more about online meetings and I begin looking at breeders. Finally, the day came when we committed to getting a puppy from C & L Show Dogs! We wanted a boy, and we waited... and waited... six months later, one day before our wedding anniversary, Prince Zuko and his brother were born.

And then the fun REALLY began!

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